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posted by Admin -October 25th 2023


We care about your personal information and we are committed to protecting your privacy while using our website.

Key GDPR Principles:

Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency:

We collect as little personal data as possible and only for the purposes specified in our Privacy Policy.

Purpose Limitation:

We only collect contact information for the purpose of establishing a business relationship between sellers and buyers. Any other information provided is optional and used to improve the user experience.

Data Minimization:

For private individuals, we collect a name, a phone and an email, to ensure a way for them to bo contacted.

For companies, we collect public data from the Romanian Trade Registry, to ensure that the company is a legal entity.

We do yearly checks on the data we have collected, to ensure that it is still valid. If we find that the data is no longer valid, we delete it.


For the purposes on ensuring a fair auction, we do check that all the contact information is valid, and we do not allow users to participate in auctions if their contact information is not valid.

Storage Limitation:

We do notify inactive accounts that their data will be deleted, and we do delete the data if the account is inactive for more than 6 months.

Integrity and Confidentiality:

We store user data in encrypted formats and link the data to the user account, to ensure that the data is not leaked.

User Rights:

Under GDPR, as a user you have the right to access, rectify, delete, and restrict the processing of your data. For further support, please use the contact information or the support form.


When you create an account on our website, you consent to your data being processed as described in our Privacy Policy.

Cookies and Tracking:

Please check the cookie page for this information.


In case you have a complaint about the way we process your data, please use the contact information or the support form.